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This is my about page. 👋

Want to know more about me, huh? 😄

Me, haha i’m ugly

This is me back when I got hair.

It all begins in 5th december 1998, I was born in France with a lovely twin, he’s the best present life has ever given to me. I live in Spain, and work as a Sys@dmin in a GIS company for the moment.

While I work, I also study at the Univeristy (Computer Science)

During my free time, I do calisthenics, indoor rock-climbing and apnea.

Why did I choose my nickname as [blue]prismo?

Blue is one of my favorite colous, and prismo is one of my favourite fictional characters. He’s a wish master who is the manifestation of a very old man’s dream.

Enin’s image

“You see Jake, there’s rules to this stuff. Wishing an event to be changes elements before and after it. Memories will be destroyed, babies will not be born, potential worlds could be evaporated by your wish. "