Blueprismo 😸

Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one



I’m BluePrismo, some folk doomed to exist.

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I love learning new things, chess and prolonging my breath hold. Also aproaching life like a good estoic: Things are not goot nor bad, they are just things.

I do enjoy playing chess, you can find me on lichess

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Some projects

SSH Guard

SSH Guard Today we are going to create a SSH guard, it is very usefull if you have a personal server. Have you ever felt paranoid about your password / rsa-key being compromised by a third party? Worry no more! With a discord bot and some PAM configuration tweaks you can feel more relaxed. Side note: I’ve used discord, but you can use any app that you want as long as it supports webhooks (for example telegram)